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ROM Picks: MazWoz-EVO ICS for HTC EVO 4G

Sc5[1]There's not a whole lot of differentiation between Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the HTC EVO 4G at the moment. Everyone seems to have the main camera working now, but 4G/WiMAX and front camera still don't work, and there's an issue with the gallery and the SD card (mounting or performance).

The MazWoz ROM is built off of the Evervolv source tree, meaning as other Evervolv options go, so it goes too. It appears on first glance that it's a ROM build based on tweaking the existing Evervolv as opposed to adding significant differences, but the tweaks bring something new to the experience.

The stock ICS launcher has been kicked to the curb, V6 Supercharger has been incorporated, and there are SD tweaks, pull down toggles, and just a bunch of stuff that make it really feel different, while looking about the same.

The ICS stock look still gives me the blahs though.

But as a base stock ICS ROM, this is a pretty nice one. It's fast without crashing, possibly has the longest battery life of the 4G ICS ROMs out there, it's stable, and it runs most things pretty well.

Sadly, Chrome and Netflix are not two of these things, which is why it's not in contention for my EVO 4G's heart until the hardware acceleration and new kernel are released (hopefully soon).

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