Samsung Galaxy SIII may have built-in wireless charging


Well, if it isn't more rumors about Samsung's incredibly popular, but yet unreleased, Galaxy SIII smartphone. In addition to the purported quad-core processor and integrated LTE, the latest reports are saying that the Galaxy S III will also have inductive charging technology built into the back cover, much like the Palm Pre had when it was first released. 

However, for some reason the technology in the Pre never caught on, perhaps because the Pre and other wireless charging devices still had to be physically touching the charging pad, they just didn't have to be plugged in. According to the rumor, however, the Galaxy SIII's implementation of wireless charging fixes this problem, and the included technology could work from up to one or two meters away.

Although the long-range charging seems a bit far fetched, a built in inductive charger for the Galaxy SIII does seam plausible. It would certainly be a convenient feature to have, especially if it is built in to the device and you don't have to do any tweaking to get it. The only potential downfall I see is that the charger could be proprietary, meaning that Samsung could overcharge users for compatible accessories.

Even if it does end up being proprietary, I don't think built in wireless charging is a bad thing. (Provided that devices still have the standard microUSB port.) When implemented right, I think wireless charging could be a great feature, and one that I would certainly pay for. In this specific case, too, it would add a nice and somewhat unique feature to the already awesome Galaxy SIII, which would hopefully get wireless charging to finally catch on. Of course, then we will have to start worrying about standards and cross compatibility, but for now we can just focus on the positives.

[DDaily (translated) via SlashGear]
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