Samsung wins one and loses one in ongoing Apple patent battle


Ah yes, more patent news. Every single day numerous companies in the tech world sue one another, with one of the biggest battles occurring between Apple and Android manufacturers. Although most of their exchanges are so full of legal speak as to be unintelligible, more and more it seems like rulings are emerging that actually have the potential to change policies.

Hopefully this is the case with today's lawsuit resolution, which involves Apple and Samsung fighting over smartphone related intellectual property. In the case, a Mannheim judge struck blows against both companies, throwing out Samsung's infringement claims against Apple over 3G technology, and one of Apple's two slide-to-unlock lawsuits against Samsung. (A ruling on the other will come on March 16, but it won't be impacted at all by this decision.) 

Both companies will likely appeal, but this still hurts the strength of both company's cases, and will likely have an impact in the future as well. While most people usually root for one side or another in these patent disputes, I actually wish more rulings like this one would be given. Throwing out both company's lawsuit could likely show how trivial the judge feels both lawsuits are, a sentiment shared by many users.

Personally, I wish that lawsuits over very basic and fundamental ideas would stop, and if judges continue to throw out cases like this it might deter companies from attacking over every little thing. There will always be some infringement lawsuits, just as there will always be some legitimate cases of patent infringement, but on the whole it seems that a reduction in the ridiculous volume of lawsuits would be welcome by everyone, except for the lawyers of course.

[FOSS Patents]
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