Sony announces Xperia sola with Floating Touch

Sony has been busy spitting out devices under the new Sony (not Ericsson) name, and the latest model is the Xperia sola. It's 3.7-inch device with a 480 x 854 resolution, 1Ghz STE U8500 dual core processor, NFC, 5 megapixel camera, 8GB internal memory + microSD slot, and a new gimmick that Sony calls Floating Touch.

Floating Touch allows you to hover your finger above the screen and have a cursor highlight areas of the screen without actually clicking anything. This is being shown off as useful in a web browser, but honestly I'm having trouble seeing other uses for this. Considering that the rest of the phone isn't exactly revolutionary, and that it even ships with Android 2.3 (ICS coming "summer 2012"), I have to say that it's a weird feature to try to sell units on. 

The phone also comes with Sony's amusing little bundle of marketing terms to make everything from the speaker to the on-board apps sound nicer than they are. Being an NFC equipped Sony device this does however support Sony's SmartTag NFC badge system, and even comes with a couple in the box. 

[Sony via Engadget]
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