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Sprint says no more WiMAX devices ever

When the HTC EVO 4G was launched in 2010, it was the first phone to be touted as 4G. It ran on 1G/3G and WiMAX/4G networks. We've known for a while now that there will be no more WiMAX phones going forward as Sprint embraced LTE, but as of now the official proclamation is that there will also be no more WiMAX tablets, repeaters, and so on.

This isn't a total surprise, and we all knew it was coming. If the rumors of the next EVO are true, then we'll be right back into the 4G game as soon as it drops, anyway. It's also not really a sad day, because if you have WiMAX, it will still work until all the towers die. And if you don't have WiMAX, well, welcome to Sprint.

Sprint claims the new LTE/multimodal towers will result in a cost savings of about 50% per gigabyte/hour, which means your bill should only be increasing by about 12% in the coming year. I kid, I kid. I have no idea what will happen or if Sprint will tag on an additional $10 LTE/4G monthly charge like they did with the first EVO.

By 2013, the Network Vision program is expected to be nearly complete, probably just in time for the HTC EVO Nexus ONE 5G.

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