First look at Taposé for iPad

It’s out! You first heard about Taposé almost exactly one year ago in a Kickstarter spotlight article. I pledged, and was one of 1274 people who helped get the project funded. After a development process that lasted until December for the initial version, the app was submitted to Apple on December 5th. And then it got rejected. Then fixed, almost approved, rejected again, re-fixed, resubmitted, and various mixes of the above in a soap opera-like fashion that has to be read about on Taposé’s blog to be believed. Backers got tired, the Taposé team got tired, and I got tired – to the point where it’s one of the big reasons why Apple products don’t really interest my much anymore, personally. Over a year since the project was posted, and almost four months after Apple first got it for review, the app is out.

Taposé is the kind of app that has to be seen, so the video I created above will do most of the talking this time. Bottom line though, I’m impressed. I’ve seen some negative comments, but frankly, if every app release was as good out of the gate as this one, the world would be a better place. It has so many uses as it is right now, and so much potential that can still be tapped. Better magnification mode and integrated document scanning using the iPad 3’s camera or photos from the library would be at the top of my list, and I’m sure others have wishes and hopes for this app too. I truly think this is one of the biggest app releases since the iPad came out, at least in its field. At $3 it’s simply a must-have app.

[App Store]

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Andreas Ødegård

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