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Trouble downloading CyanogenMod 7.2 for the HTC EVO 4G? Try a torrent!

Cyanogenmod-logo-3When we reported yesterday that CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 was now available for download for the HTC EVO 4G, some of you reported back to us that download speeds were so slow, it was next to impossible to obtain the new ROM. This is due to the fact that CyanogenMod has grown to become, quite literally, the most popular aftermarket custom ROM of all time. Thus, whenever a new version is released, their servers are overwhelmed.

Luckily, the CyanogenMod team has decided to try out a new distribution method: it's now possible to download the ROM through a torrent. This  means that the ROM file will be split between different seeders, rather than having one centralized download location. As more people download and seed the ROM, the faster everyone else will get to download it – this really does seem to follow the collaborative and open spirit of the Android developer community, doesn't it?

And you can still download the torrent directly to your EVO 4G with any of the torrent clients that have been built specifically for Android, such as aTorrent or tTorrent. Just be careful to use these torrent clients over WiFi, rather than over your Sprint connection, as Sprint has been known to terminate the service of those who use these apps.

Indeed, torrents have gotten a bad reputation over the past few weeks and months due to piracy issues, but rest assured that this is a legitimate and completely legal use of this technology.

So, in case you've had trouble getting your hands on the latest CyanogenMod, try your luck with this torrent for the EVO 4G (click here to begin downloading), and let us know how it works out for you.

[Android Central]
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6 thoughts on “Trouble downloading CyanogenMod 7.2 for the HTC EVO 4G? Try a torrent!

  • Thank you, my good sir!

  • Excellent I’m going to torrent this right over sprints lovely unlimited 3g data

  • I’ve asked developers who b*tch about bandwidth costs over and over “why don’t you let people donate bandwidth?” and keep getting back that they don’t know how to set up a torrent server.

    Makes me want to smack people.

    Ultimate passive donation is distribution – for each person on Comcast Business lowest tier, for example, you have the equ of 6 T1’s of bandwidth available. For each person on home cable you have 2 t1s of upload strength.

    When you’re moving terrabytes of ROMs, a torrent is the ultimate delivery method. 1 torrent server using minimal bandwidth, thousands of distribution points. What it always should have been.

    When your server goes down, as long as you’re ok with releasing some of the control to a magnet link, bam, you’re still distributing.

    Next person crying over bandwidth I will sneer at loudly…

    Good job CM

  • Is there official CM7 for the Evo 3D. Trying to search to haven’t found anything conclusive.

  • yes it is avaiabe, cm9 however the gmail and market do not work due to the and the camera does not work either


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