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Turn off Amazon Appstore notifications on your HTC EVO

Amazon-appstore-notificationsThe Amazon Appstore just got a new update, and with that comes a much needed new feature: the ability to disable those annoying notifications that seem to pop up every day in the status bar on my HTC EVO 3D!

Personally, I've never been able to figure out why the Appstore will notify me that I have one new app available to install, only to tell me that there are no new updates after I go through the process of actually opening the Appstore and checking. But now, that's a thing of the past.

To turn off notifications, just press the menu button on your phone, and then navigate to Settings > Notifications, and select the ones you don't want anymore.

If you've got the Amazon Appstore installed on your device already, it should notify you automatically that it's ready to install a new update the next time you open it. If, for some reason, it doesn't, you can download the latest version here.

[Android Central]
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9 thoughts on “Turn off Amazon Appstore notifications on your HTC EVO

  • Wont install on my rooted Kindle Fire. Weird…

  • To the best of my knowledge, the “mystery” notifications occur when an app you had previously installed from Amazon, but have since removed, releases an update. Somehow this fools Appstore into thinking you have a “new” app to install. Glad to finally have the ability to remove these notifications!

  • Ahhhh…got it to install. Nice!

  • Are you referring to the notification every day of the app Amazon is offering for free? I have gotten some really great apps that way for free – like Pocket Informant, Dream Journal Pro, KeepTrack Pro or Moon Phase Pro.

  • i turned off notifications and still received that stupid popup that I have 1 new app available!!!

  • Anybody know how to tell what the new updates to the apps did? When I have a new app update for an app I got from Amazon, it tells me there are updates… But I don’t know how to view what the updates are… Sometimes they add extra permissions that are unnecessary or just add a new language translation or something, do I don’t want to update. But with the appstore, I can’t tell what’s new. does anyone know how?

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    Same here — no matter how many notifications I disable, the app store won’t stop harassing me. Has anyone found another place to turn these off? If the status bar pop-ups weren’t bad enough, as of this morning they are now beeping at me, too. So annoying!


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