Video review: AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note running Windows 8


I have been enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Note for about 2 weeks now, and it's really one of the best tablet/phone hybrids I have ever used. Since it has such a great 5.3-inch display, I decided to see how Windows 8 would fare on it. So I loaded Splashtop Remote on the device and fired up Windows 8 on my connected computer. Check out the video for yourself to get a feel for the new OS running on the Note.

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Hector Gomez

Hector Gomez is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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3 thoughts on “Video review: AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note running Windows 8

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    We would all appreciate it if you turned off the ceiling fan light that reflected off the screen and glared out at us during the video. :-)

  • Technically, your Note is NOT running Windows 8. It is acting as a remote terminal to an x86 PC running Windows 8 for x86.

    Your headline makes it sound like you had somehow gotten an OEM copy of Windows 8 on ARM (WOA).

    I was curious about WOA and Windows 8 for x86 in terms of the data file compatiblity, look and feel, etc. Microsoft has tried this before, with Pocket PC OS (on ARM) Pocket Office apps having very poor “versions” of x86 Office. Pocket Office required translation of the data files, and was a massive fail until DataViz came up with Documents to Go.

    Even x86 Office has had compatibility problems between its versions. So I would not be surpirsed if once again, MS
    stumbles on their 2 disparate versions of Win 8.

  • thats not even close to running windows 8 on it. its stuped remote decktop. doesnt count. if it counts do a performance rating that reflects the phones power


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