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Amazon has class 10 SD cards on sale for half off, today only [Updated]

Amazon-goldbox-64gbLooking for expandable memory for your current HTC EVO, or perhaps even for the HTC EVO One? For today only, Amazon has class 10 SanDisk Ultra micro-SD cards on sale, in some cases for more than 50% off. This is part of its daily Gold Box deals, which means there is only limited stock, and it's for today only.

Right now, you can get:

  • 16GB class 10 for $17.99 (normally $32.99, 45% off)
  • 32GB class 10 for $29.99 (normally $64.99, 54% off)
  • 64GB class 10 for $57.99 (normally $128.99, 55% off)

It doesn't take much to understand that these prices represent some pretty significant savings. And with news that the next HTC EVO most likely will come with a micro-SD slot, this sale couldn't have come at a better time.

How many of you are going to take advantage of this? And how many gigs will you opt for? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Update: As was pointed out to me in the comments and by email, it looks like this deal is not for micro-SD cards, like I originally thought. (Be kind, it's Monday!) This sale is for the regular-sized, big ones. Still, you could easily use these to back-up what's on your EVO, or to save a few different ROMs, or to transfer your pictures…

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11 thoughts on “Amazon has class 10 SD cards on sale for half off, today only [Updated]

  • Avatar of 25centmoney

    I don’t see any micro sd cards on the page!????

  • I didn’t look at Amazon but I was thinking the same thing reading this…

  • Darn it! My mistake (that’s what I get for getting excited and posting too quickly!). Still, it’s a good deal…

  • one pair of Fiskar pruning shears and you can turn that 64gb SD card into 4 16gb micro-sd cards… it’s all good on a Monday

  • Thanks for making me laugh! Let’s hope I have a better week after this…

  • I bought this for a moment….

    Why yes, I did have a rough April fools day! How did you know?

  • I spent some time yesterday with a good friend of mine, her brother died in Taiwan from an accident yesterday.

    Learned that possibly the worst time for a person to die is on April Fools as everyone thinks you’re attempting to pull off some horrible joke.

    Not a grand April Fools for anyone in our circle of friends.

  • Thanks for the heads up on this deal! I use these suckers for HD video and my DSLR and am ordering 2 x 32GB and 1 x 16GB.

    Back to John’s original assumption, though – how big of a micro-SD will the HTC Evo 3D take? Is their a limit?

    thanks again!

  • lol – actually I ordered 2 x 16’s, 2 x 32’s, and 1 x 64!

  • Ive read that people have gotten 64GB cards to work before, but Ive never tried…

  • Hopefully this is a lesson in doing proper research before posting what you think is going on!


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