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Last month I told you about game maker Astraware and their mission to bring games to the TouchPad. They have what is called the TouchPad Totalizer that tracks the number of Astraware games that people have installed. As certain level were released they promised to release new games. The highest level was 5,000, and for that they released Casino. I also mentioned in that article that they were still working on getting OddBlob as they were having some issues. Well they now have OddBlob available to purchase, and also extended the Totalizer to 7,500.

When the Totalizer reaches 7,500 games purchased Astraware will release Word Games. 7,500 is a number that is both exciting (there s currently 6,453 games sold, so just over 1,000 to go) and also kind of sad. I say kind of sad because in the first week of Instagram on Android they have over 10 million downloads, and we are getting excited about 7,500 for webOS. Like I mentioned in the first article, I see this as a good way for Astraware to make some money, and also encourage people to buy their games so they can then get some more good ones made for the TouchPad. It’s not as if there are tons of developers lining up to make apps for webOS at this point.

Astraware Word Games will consist of five different games. Spellmaster, Gridlock, Wordsearch, Hexed, and Shuffle. Most of these word games are ones that you could easily find a variation of for Android or Apple, but with the limited number of apps available for webOS, this would be a welcome addition to those TouchPad owners who haven’t installed Android. You can add to the Totalizer by buying any of the five Astraware games already available in the webOS App Catalog. Those games are Mah Jong, Sudoku, Solitaire, OddBlob, and Casino.


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