Asus announces Transformer Pad TF300 pricing and release date, available now

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At the end of February we announced that Asus had a couple new tablets in the works. We now know when the TF300 will be available, and that date happens to be today if you want to buy online, or April 30 in stores. The 16GB, Tegra 3 tablet is available for $379, and the 32GB version is going for only $20 more. I’m a little surprised that it is only $20 more for the 32GB version, although it makes a whole lot more sense that an extra $100 for 16GB of space like a lot of tablets are. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good trend where manufacturers don’t try to make some extra money just by doubling the memory on their tablets. I mean does it really cost another $100 just to add 16GB more memory? No, it doesn’t.

Like previous Transformer models there is an optional docking station available for $149. The dock adds a keyboard and an additional battery source to make sure your tablet battery doesn’t die at that late night board meeting. It also adds full size USB ports and SD card reader. Right now you can only get the tablet in blue, but Asus will be adding torch red and iceberg (white) models in June. This is a great price for an ICS equipped Android tablet with a quad-core processor.

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