AViiQ releases Ready Clips travel cables

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Finding the best cable for a situation can be hard, and some people never bother looking beyond what’s included. For those that do though, there are some offerings out there that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. AViiQ’s latest creations fall into both those categories, bringing style to the age old cable stub design that have helped travelers avoid cable messes for years. The new cables look like thumb drives that are flexible in the middle, but are actually short cables that come in Apple 30 pin, miniUSB and microUSB configurations. They’re stylish and also have clips so that you can clip them to things like you would normally clip pens to, like the pen pockets of bags and the like.

The nice design does come at a price though, with the cables being sold in bundles of two for up to $30 per bundle. No bundle is available for all three or just one though, which seems to have put people off judging by the comments on the product page. You can find cable stumps that do the same thing for literally 1/10 of the price on Chinese sites and eBay, so you’re paying for design here – and also quality, one would hope.


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