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Find everythingIt used to be that if you communicated with a friend about returning a wrench, you could narrow the conversation down to having been done in person or via email. These days, you might have texted, tweeted, emailed, Gmailed, Facebooked, or Google+'d John. Or perhaps you left him a note in Google Docs, or put in a calendar entry to return the wrench, or tossed him an IM via Google Chat. Maybe you made a YouTube video spelling out "return my wrench" in Post-It Notes.

With multiple methods of communication, more searches are generally required in order to find what you're looking for. CloudMagic can consolidate those multiple searches into one single search that can be done on your desktop or phone.

It comes at the cost of giving a third party's servers access to your information, so depending on how comfortable you are with someone seeing your deepest darkest thoughts on what you would do to get that wrench back, your comfort level with this application may not even register.

CloudMagic uses OAuth for most of the services it searches, meaning you can revoke access to any of the services at any time. Keep in mind, however, that they may retain all your data and never delete it. Personally identifying data is never sold per their privacy policy, but as there are no advertisements in this product, you can bet that aggregate data will be.

This is a great idea, but a bit of a scary concept when there's no data liberation options.

Download: Google Play

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