CM April Fool’s joke still going, one year later

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Well April Fool’s Day 2012 has come and gone without anyone here at NBT posting anything trying to be funny, unlike last year. There are a ton of online companies that do jokes every year, and by the looks of some of the pictures and videos they put out to try and trick you, they put a lot of time and money into these pranks. It’s always fun to see what some of the companies come up with. One of my favorites this year was Think Geek’s K-cup meals. Pretty funny, but as you can tell, they put some time and effort into creating realistic looking images and videos to go along with the prank.

Last year the CM team decided to do their own prank for April Fool’s Day. What they did was pretty simple. They changed the name of their nightly download to “TehUberDuckDistro” and changed the CM logo from the Android mascot to a funny looking duck. Well of course people downloaded and installed it, either not knowing it was a joke, or knowing full well and not caring. Here it is, over a year later, and 29 people are still using this version of the ROM.

The CM team has as a part of their builds the ability to send log information to them if you choose to help them out with bugs and such. One of the CM team was looking through some of those stats and found that 29 people are still using this version of the ROM. Ricardo Cerqueira from the CM team said he wants to meet those 29 people “just to shake their hands.” Hopefully he would then encourage them to upgrade to a newer version of the ROM. Have you flashed a new ROM lately?

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