Curb your nostalgia with a $200 HTC Shift


About five years ago, HTC unveiled its UMPC, the HTC Shift. Jenn did a ton of coverage on it back then, and it ended up as one of her favorite UMPCs. But if you've only recently begun to read our amazing website, you probably didn't know that.

If you did already know that the Shift is an awesome device but didn't have the $1499 to pay for it when it was released, you're in luck today. is currently selling brand-new Shifts for just $200, a price that's roughly 13% of the original price.

It's certainly not a competitor to a lot of devices today; after all, it is five years old. With an Intel Stealey 800MHz processor, 1GB RAM, and a 40GB HDD, you definitely won't be blowing a lot of devices away. Still, if you want a keyboard and a full-blown Windows operating system in an extremely mobile setup, this $200 device should fit the bill – literally.

[1saleaday via UMPCPortal]
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Calob Horton

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2 thoughts on “Curb your nostalgia with a $200 HTC Shift

  • Avatar of diJenerate

    I remember this machine… wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years already.

    I thought it was brilliant design but they failed miserably on the performance; weak cpu/gpu, too little RAM, no SSD and only 40GB HDD, and low resolution display and if I remember correctly, not a terribly great battery life… but one of the better designs from the days of the UMPC.

    If someone could build a system like this today with the Ivy Bridge i5, 4GB/8GB DDR3, 128GB/256GB SSD and a PixelQi 1366×768 display and at least a 10hour battery life for regular connected (wifi) usage, we’d have a winner.

  • Name me any other device that could sell five years later at any price? It just goes to show what a great base design it was. Still HTC won’t revamp it. I don’t know what they are thinking.


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