CyanogenMod 9 and MIUI 4 are now available for rooted quad-core HTC One X

If you're a fan of custom Android ROMs, and you've also picked up an international quad-core HTC One X, then you'll be happy to find out that two of the biggest names in the custom ROM community are now available for the device: CyanogenMod and MIUI.

CyanogenMod is best known for bringing a completely stock, vanilla Android experience to a multitude of different devices, while still offering some useful customization tools that unlock the true potential of these devices. CyanogenMod 9 for the One X is no different, although there are currently a few bugs that are being ironed out: right now, it takes a while to connect to a mobile data network, and both the camera and mobile hotspot aren't working.

One useful tweak that's included in this version of CyanogenMod is the remapping of hardware buttons. The multitasking button now acts as the traditional Android menu button, which eliminates the black menu bar that appears on the bottom of most screens in Ice Cream Sandwich. Multitasking can still be accessed by hard-pressing the home button.

MIUI 4 offers a completely different Android experience than CyanogenMod, and reminds most people of iOS. To be completely honest, MIUI is one of those things you'll either love or hate, and you really just have to try it to find out if it's for you.  This version does keep the stock HTC camera, gallery, and music apps – including Beats Audio – so you don't have to worry about something as important as the camera not working.

The links to try these out are below, so check them out!

[Modaco | MIUI Android]
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