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Getting the most out of your HTC EVO 3D pictures

From therootofallevoSince its debut, a lot of people have complained about the quality of the HTC EVO 3D camera. Some think that due to the lower resolution of the main cameras on the 3D, it was incapable of taking good photos (not true), while others think the cameras are just crap (also not true).

As with most things, the truth lies between things. The software that shipped with the EVO 3D, well, it's not so great at forcing your pictures to look good even though the optics are capable of capturing a beautiful image. Rooted users can just chuck the stock software and install something like the SONY Bravia engine, but unrooted users are left with the stock camera app.

JerzyIroc wrote a great guide on EVO 3D photography last year focusing on taking really decent 2D photos with the stock app. The piece was down for some amount of time but returned recently, so I thought it was a good time to showcase it (being Easter weekend and all).  In it, he shows the differences between stock and adjusted settings, or how to make your photos not look like trash.

It's a really well done piece on how to start taking decent photos and excellent for scenic photography.

G&E will probably cover making good nighttime / 3D / lighting / people photography at some point, as they are a bit of a different ballgame than what you'll find at the link below.

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