Google employee creates tablet powered, NFC-enabled beer keg

Google employs a lot of smart people, and I think that this proves that Paul Carff is one of them. He’s created a DIY automated beer keg that uses NFC, a XOOM tablet, and various other components to provide the most awesome liquid dispenser ever. To use it you scan an NFC tag on a plate, which then goes via an Arduino to the otherwise NFC-less XOOM and authenticates the user. A custom app uses that to bring up info about the user from Google+, and then displays the choices of beer available. You select your beer type and amount and the setup then pours the correct amount automatically.

I’m a sucker for anything DIY and I have to say that I loved this little creature. I’m almost tempted to make one myself, though mine would dispense water instead. I doubt Google plans on creating an actual product from this, but if it did, I’m pretty sure it would sell.

[The Next Web via Google+Reader” target=”_blank”>Droid-life]

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Andreas Ødegård

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