Google updates Gmail for Android

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Google just released a new version of Gmail, specifically one for pre-ICS versions. Honeycomb users get a few new things to make the experience more ICS-like, namely the ability to swipe between messages, a new shortcut to quickly change labels, notifications on a per-label basis, and the ability to sync the last 30 days of mail for quicker access through search and such. There are also performance improvements for older versions of Android.

The Gmail app is naturally one of the most used apps on many Android users’ devices, but I have to say that the frequency and content of updates don’t exactly make me jump through the roof. For instance, Gmail proper (aka in the web browser on a computer) allows you to add an email to a task, so that you can make replying to email part of your to do list. Third party email applications like K-9 Mail can also do this by using Android’s built in Share system to push information to a calendar/task app. I’ve found myself having to add emails as tasks by emailing them to my task service to get the same functionality with Gmail on Android, as it has neither of those features – meaning not Gmail’s own “add to task”, and not Android’s own “Share”. Would be nice if something like that was included in an update as well – we’re four versions into Android now after all so it would be nice if core apps had the same functionality as they do in a browser/as third party apps do.

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