How to fix WiFi connectivity problems on your HTC One S

Wifi-bugIf you've been having trouble staying connected to WiFi on your HTC One X or One S, you're not alone: apparently, this is a known bug that occurs once the device goes idle. After waking the phone up, it will refuse to reconnect to WiFi unless you toggle it on and off.

Luckily, this is already fixed in the latest OTA update for the One X, so simply update your phone if you haven't already.

If you've got a One S, however, simply follow the instructions below, and you should be good to go until an official fix rolls out.

  1. When you get disconnected, go to Settings > Wifi, and toggle the WiFi off and then on.
  2. Once you're connected to your WiFi network, select Show advanced options.
  3. Next, select IP settings and pick Static.
  4. If your IP address is already filled in, leave it as is. If not, manually type in an IP address from the pool that's available with your router.
  5. If the gateway is already filled in, leave that as is, too. If not, it's simply the IP address of your router (usually,, or
  6. For the network prefix length, the default 24 should work for most.
  7. For DNS1 and DNS2, I always use Google's public DNS ( and Alternately, you can fill in your ISP's DNS address, or any other DNS service that you use.
  8. Finally, just click Connect, and hopefully your disconnect problems will be gone.

Unfortunatly, you'll have to repeat these steps whenever connecting to a new WiFi network, but HTC is apparently aware of the problem since it's already been fixed in the One X. Of course, if you run into trouble with this and need help, you can always post your question in our forums for help from the rest of the community.

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