It looks like a Nokia might be my next phone because of awesome customer service


Nokia's Lumia 900 might just be the most popular and controversial phone of this year. There have been a few reported problems, and a lot of people have said that Windows Phone still isn't up to par against Android and iOS, but consumers have made it clear that it's a very hot phone

Behind the scenes, Nokia's hard at work. Today, the company published a rather awesome post on its Nokia Conversations blog detailing how it'll fix a minor problem that some users have had. It's a memory management issue, which is actually contributing to the Lumia 900's loss of data. To combat the problem, Nokia will be pushing an update via Zune next Monday (April 16th) to fix it. Or, if you don't want to wait that long, you can swap your Lumia out for a brand-new, updated phone. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you'll also be getting a $100 credit on your next AT&T bill. In other words, Nokia just gave you a flagship smartphone. For free.

This move is obviously to strengthen Nokia's image here in the US, where the Finnish manufacturer has been struggling for the past several years. But it's working, and not just for the regular consumer; it also gave me yet another reason to strongly consider a Nokia device as my next phone. Customer service like this simply cannot go unnoticed.

And Nokia: I noticed. I have a soft spot for companies who seem to genuinely care for their customers. I don't care if they really do; if I can get $100 back on a phone I purchased that has a few issues that will be fixed, then I'll come running back to that company in the future for my technology needs. 

If you're a Lumia 900 owner, congratulations! If not, you've got until April 21st to change that and take advantage of the $100 credit.

[Nokia Conversations]
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