Logitech announces Smart Cover/keyboard hybrid

New Bluetooth keyboard offerings rarely have my excited, because frankly there hasn’t been anything that has really made me raise an eyebrow in quite a while now. I still have my Apple Bluetooth keyboard, which I modified with magnets a while back to stop it from moving in my bag, and I haven’t seen a reason to upgrade – until now.

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is essentially a mix between a Smart Cover and Logitech’s older keyboard product done in cooperation with ZAGG, the “Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG“. The basic concept of a thin keyboard with a slot for holding the iPad is still there, but gone is the raised edge that clips the iPad in place for storage and instead it now uses a magnetic hinge to keep the two together on the go. I absolutely love this idea and think the resulting setup looks great. I love seeing magnets used in smart ways, and this definitely classifies. The keyboard even has a feature where it turns on an off based on whether the keyboard is close over the screen or not, sort of like a reversed magnetic screen unlock feature.

The keyboard will cost $99 and be available later this month. I don’t really need another Bluetooth keyboard, but I have to admit, this would be it if I did.

[Logitech via Engadget]

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Andreas Ødegård

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3 thoughts on “Logitech announces Smart Cover/keyboard hybrid

  • as much as i have heard, it’s made for the ‘new iPad’, thicknessdifferens is about 0.6 mm, so it should still work with the ipad2… or not?

    • Logitech’s own website states both of them. The iPad 3 is thicker, but not in a way that affects what’s essentially a Smart Cover

  • Nice cover but does not work with while trying to remote control PC. im currently using SplashTop. While I can remote control the PC i can not use the keyboard.


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