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Looking at differences between the HTC EVO 4G LTE and One X [UPDATED]


It's announcement day for the HTC EVO One HTC EVO 4G LTE and we here at G&E are prepared to bring you all of the latest news from today's unveiling as we welcome the latest EVO into the family.

Earlier this morning, we got our first look at what is indeed the back of the HTC EVO 4G LTE. We all know that the One X is a beast on the inside and sexy on the outside, but a lot of people are knockin' Sprint and HTC for removing the sexiness from the EVO 4G LTE. Here's some comments from this morning's post:

"Compare to the One X from AT&T… this looks ugly in my opinion." – jack

"I'm confused why HTC would ditch the One X's curviness and simplicity. The red accents scream 'This phone is for people who drink Monster twice a day.' I'm very disappointed." – tartan1515

"If this is what it is I'm happy as a pig in sh-t. You people don't like the red kick stand that screams evo!? What is wrong with you guys?!" – derrick bishop

"Personally, I like it. I like the red accents/stripe that tell me it's an EVO. I welcome back the kickstand that was missing from the EVO3D." – etnpnys

It appears people are split, so let's take a closer look at what we know so far.

Looking at the pic above, I think we can all agree that the One X looks cleaner and sexier. No matter how much of a fanboy of the EVO you are (and I will be the first to admit I am a huge one), the EVO 4G LTE is not as attractive.

But here's why I will still be getting it instead of switching to AT&T for the One X:

  1. The specs are the same. It has the same processor, LTE, same internal memory, same beautiful screen, and bad ass camera. Spec-wise, it's a wash.
  2. The EVO 4G LTE has a micro-SD card port. Do I need a smartphone with 16GB of internal space and removeable memory? Probably not. But I, like many Android users, love to have options.
  3. The kickstand is back! I don't care if this thing looks like a popsicle stick (which it does); I hate not having a kickstand on my EVO 3D. It's the only thing in my house I can watch 3D stuff on and I gotta hold it in my hand? I welcome back the kickstand and I'm sure many other EVO lovers share my sentiment.
  4. The EVO 4G LTE has a bigger battery – 2000mAh versus AT&T's 1800mAh. Judging from the layout of the kickstand and the casing on the phone, it seems very possible that this bad boy has a removeable battery. As a person that gets the occasional bootloop in the Root World, I would love to be able to pull my battery. The battery is not removeable, but I'll still be happy that Sprint and HTC gave me the bigger battery. 
  5. Sprint confirmed unlimited 4G LTE the other day, and you know AT&T won't be confirming anything similar. I won't even get started on reception because we all know Sprint isn't the best, but you're still going to be paying less for more (month-to-month) with the EVO 4G LTE. 

To sum up my points, why would you let looks stop you from getting a better phone?

G&E reader Hwyman put it best this morning: "I don't really care what the back looks like. Like all my other Evos, this ONE will also be clad in a case." If you don't like the back, put on a damn case!

On the other hand, I actually like what I see so far. The red accents, the silver trim on the sides, good placement of branding, and the welcoming additions of more features – it's all good.

I think we're all a little skeptical about the two-tone black on the rear, but some are saying that it the top may very well be sporting a plastic cover. This means the EVO One could indeed have a uniform black back with a feel similar to the OG EVO (at least that's what it looks like to me). Sprint has confirmed that the polycarbonate top is to provide the best reception possible (because the radios  and microSD slot are located up there). 

Also, the phone's all dusty in the leaked pics. It's hard to say how sweet a phone will look when it's been dragged through dirt! It looks great without dirt, in my opinion. 

Of course, we won't know everything until the official unveiling around 2:30PM PST today, so stick with G&E for the latest on the EVO One. 

Let us know what you all think now that the official unveiling has occured. Will you be ditching Sprint to get the sexy HTC One X from AT&T? Or is the HTC EVO 4G LTE exactly what you want? Let us know in the comments!

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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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25 thoughts on “Looking at differences between the HTC EVO 4G LTE and One X [UPDATED]

  • Good article. 90 minutes til the show starts. I won’t be getting anything done my last hour of work.

    IMO, I’m guess that the phone is a prototype and will look more cleaner and polished when its unveiled later.

  • The One X is sexy. the same lackluster battery kills it for me though. I’m happy to see the Evo One has a MONSTER cell in it.

    Also, I love me some Red accents, but the way it’s setup on the Evo One, if it’s not a prototype, just looks cheap as hell. huge gaps where the kickstand pops out, glossy back, it appears just not appealing.

    Hopefully it still has that curved poly chassis, but straight screen that seems to bow out of it’s holdings. THAT is a slick look!

  • What happened to the dual LED flash, does no one else miss this?

  • It was mentioned in another leak, that the screen might not be the same as the OneX, but amoled. I hope this doesnt pan out and I hope that is a prototype cause that lip around the glass and protruding earpiece area are not very attractive.

  • If its brighter than the EVO4G dual flash It wont bother me.

  • Avatar of NeoteriX

    Larger battery means larger phone. Lithium-ion/polymer technology advances have not significantly improved the power to volume ratio yet.

  • Basically, if the battery is not bigger than one x, there will only be one reason left for staying with sprint which is unlimited 4G. But the look is really killing me……Let’s see what S3 will be like and I will determine whether I am gonna stay with sprint.

  • I was quoted in an article! Hello world, here I come!!

    (And thanx, Sam! This is my big break!)

  • The HTC EVO ONE photo is fake!!!!!!!!!! We will se in about an hour what the REAL HTC EVO ONE looks like!

  • I love kickstands, but I hope the top half isn’t glossy.

  • If the battery can be removed i’m super hooked.. hard on the line.. i’ll get it anyway but not be so happy about it..

    I like the looks, but IHMO, Apple does the world a dis service by making tech into fashion that goes into and out of season like so many polo shirts. More than anything, Function before Form; I like a good form but not at the expense of function.

  • I can’t remember the last time I “gazed” at the back of someones phone. lol! If we are going by Aesthetics I would have purchased an Iphone months ago. I saw most of the complaints about the ONE was no battery door,no micro, no kickstand and the big NO Quad-core.. Looks like some of these complaints have been addressed and now it’s ON TO THE NEXT COMPLAINT! And this is why Steve Jobs could care less about what people “think” they want. LOL!!

    Plus, It looks all dusty, like it just came out the mold. lol.. I guess they picked Wednesday Night because it needs a few hours to cool off!

  • Avatar of NeoteriX

    A removable battery door inherently increases the size of the phone and decreases a phone’s structural integrity. Every engineering solution has its tradeoff. Is that something you’re willing to live with?

  • Avatar of Calvin D

    Most phones coming out this year will end up with killer specs, but my major problem with the Evo 3d was build quality, so I was excited to hear Htc was putting more into their phones quality, but these pictures of the Evo one looks terrible, here comes another phone with the bezel falling apart after 6 months..hello SGIII

  • Avatar of Deveal2014

    what time does this event start??

  • The phone is rounded and smooth and does in fact have a dedicated camera button. The pictures on the live blog look a lot better than the pics leaked this morning. Just waiting on the specs now.

  • Nope had my evo 4g from day one. I’m sticking with sprint and my new evo 4g lte

  • I slowly accept the fact that this is just not as sexy as the One X. The specs and unlimited data sold me to stay in Sprint.
    Now, I need to look for a really nice case to cover it up.

    My concern is the non removable battery. I don’t need to switch battery for longer battery life thru the day, I can charge it at work. However, my Evo 4G’s battery went dead after one year, it drain soooo fast that I can only get an hour or two out of it. I eventually bought a new battery to replace it.

    I’m not looking to upgrade every year, so I’m really concern whether the phone (battery)can function well for two years.

  • I am really disappointed that the battery is not removable. That is one of I think the biggest draw backs of the iPhone. I know it sounds a bit conspiracy theorist, but there is no way to completely shut down any chance the phone is tracking you.

  • Avatar of samejimat

    I carry 2 3500MH seido batteries. my usage is just about 1 worry free-day per battery. An unremoveable 2000mh battery is an intolerable downgrade on a quadcore phone. I love my original EVO and it will kick ass for sometime. No way I buy a phone where you can’t remove the battery. Won’t happen.


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