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Mason Ice Cream Sandwich kernel for HTC EVO 4G adds SBC, speed

Looking for a picture of a Mason, I discovered they dress like plumbers or Shriners, so I went with a brick.Although it may not get much press these days, a lot of work is still going on in the HTC EVO 4G Ice Cream Sandwich development world.

Many people have been biting the bullet and taking Deck's pre-betas or the Android Open Kang Project's offerings as daily drivers even though there remain some issues with the camera, and we will probably not see 4G/WiMAX any time soon. Most EVO 4G owners do not live where 4G is available, so that's not a real concern when weighed against using Chrome as a browser (it's really good). The camera has been an issue for many, but a sticking point for some is the lack of superior battery charging (SBC) in the ICS kernel, leaving batteries not fully charged. Or, some would say they're being charged properly for once.

The Mason kernel for ICS brings back SBC for those who want it and gives roughly two more hours of runtime on average. It also adds FSO (file synchronization off), a method that risks data corruption in the event of a crash but increases speed significantly. It has multiple CPU governers included that I've never run across before (Lionheart, Brazillianwax, lazy, minmax) along with all the old standards too.

If you're playing around on an ICS build for the 4G, give it a try, but make a Nandroid backup first in case it eats your phone.

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