Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPad updated to 0.3.0

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While Stuart and I are still running around Minecraft multiplayer on PC, Mojang is slowly making progress on the mobile version of the game. The latest update, version 0.3.0 for iOS (no Android version of the update yet), adds a few new things, most importantly crafting. Crafting works differently than on the PC version, actually giving you a list of clickable recipes, whereas the PC version has probably a few hundred recipes you need to remember in your head. There are only a few dozen items that are currently craftable as well, so if nothing else, the Pocket Edition now works as a quick start guide to Minecraft on the PC.

I would have liked them to make more progress than they have, but at least this is something. Mojang isn’t exactly known to be the most efficient company out there, with Minecraft mods having added more to the game lately than the official updates. Perhaps the game will run fully on a mobile device sometime in the future though, and by then, mobile devices should be powerful enough to handle more complicated stuff too.


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