Motorola Fighter/RAZR HD spotted in blurry images, 720p and Ice Cream Sandwich confirmed


We've seen the Motorola Droid RAZR HD once before, back when it was called the Motorola Fighter, but only got one image and with the display off at that. We were able to speculate that it would include a 720p 4.6-inch display, Android 4.0, and possible a quad-core processor, but nothing was confirmed. While some of the actual specs may be a bit more disappointing, we now have some leaked images of the RAZR HD with the display on to give us a better idea of what the device will actually offer. 

Primarily, it is now clear that the RAZR HD (the center device in the above image) has a smaller 4.3-inch display instead of the rumored 4.6-inch panel, but the 720p resolution remains. The phone had Android 4.0.3 onboard, already lightly customized by Motorola's software department, and probably the same 3,300mAh battery found in the RAZR MAXX. On the slightly less exciting side, the device appears to have only a 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP 4430 processor, and the same 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera as the other RAZRs. 

While the pictured device is clearly meant for Chinese market, the device's MT887 model number matches up with some EXIF data from a leaked image posted on Picasa by a Motorola employee, meaning that the device has at least had some stateside testing. There's no way to know for sure, but if the Droid RAZR HD does make it to Verizon, I would certainly pick it over something like the Droid Incredible 4G.

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