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Mysterious image of ICS update on HTC EVO 3D circulates the internet


Folks on Twitter and XDA are getting excited over the image above, which appears to be an international GSM HTC EVO 3D that is all ready for its Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, along with Sense 3.6. Indeed, debate has been raging for most of last night and much of today about whether or not the image is real: people have been analyzing the time that is shown in the picture, the size of the update, and the reflection of the camera, although no one has really been asking what the deal is with Faber-Castell pen and the arrow pointed towards the phone.

HTC really hasn't been much help in determining the authenticity, and the only thing I was able to find out after a bit of research was that the picture originated on a German site, Android-Hilfe. Luckily, I speak German, but unfortunately the conversation on Android-Hilfe was almost identical to the one in English on XDA. In other words, I didn't get much help there in figuring this thing out.

If this is real, it's odd that no one else in the world seems to have gotten this update yet. It certainly is not beyond the realm of possibility that HTC accidentally made it available for a brief second, and this guy was lucky enough to grab it, but that seems unlikely.

It seems more probable to me that this is an elaborate fake, designed as either a prank or as a strategy to put the pressure on HTC to get this update out. After all, ICS has already started rolling out for the HTC Sensation, so perhaps a screenshot was pulled from that device and placed onto this EVO.

Oh, well.

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