Padcaster turns your iPad 3 into a professional portable video studio

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The iPad 3 has a fairly decent camera, and one that can shoot 1080p video. What it also has is the ability to preview that video in full resolution, edit it, and upload it over LTE. Those three last features there gives it the ability to function as a video studio on the go, where traditional cameras require a whole set of “accessories” to do the same. The Padcaster builds on this aspect of the iPad and gives it tripod mounting capability and the ability to use DSLR lenses.

While I have to say the resulting rig looks rather ridiculous and is likely not something the average consumer would want to walk around with, I can’t ignore the point that is being made about the iPad 3’s capabilities aside from the camera itself. This could actually provide a relatively cheap and easy to use in-the-field video studio for small broadcasters like local TV stations and online newspapers, and while you still gain some quality in stepping up to more specialized equipment, an iPad with an SLR lense attached is still not as bulky as a TV van. There are some issues though, like a $200 price plus $60 for the lense adapter, as well as some other adapters being required for optimal performance. Video shot on the thing after the break.


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