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Phoenix, Milwaukee, and other cities might get LTE sooner than we thought


According to undisclosed sources who are apparently familiar with Sprint's LTE and Network Vision plans, it looks like Phoenix, Tucson/Yuma, Milwaukee, and Cleveland might be getting LTE and other Network Vision enhancements – including backhaul upgrades – much earlier than we thought.

All of these cities have been notably absent from both official press releases and various internal leaks. But if we are to believe this most recent leak, these areas might see LTE light up as early as this winter, instead of the spring or summer of 2013.

As we already know, Sprint has very ambitious plans to bring LTE to most of its existing footprint as early as the end of 2013, so it would make sense that major markets like these might be pushed up and completed sooner than expected. This would subsequently allow Sprint to fill in other LTE coverage gaps in more rural areas, while people in major metropolitan areas would be able to enjoy LTE and other general Network Vision enhancements.

Of course, Sprint could change its plans at any time, and leaks do prove to be false sometimes. But it's still nice to see that there's a glimmer of hope for markets like Phoenix. Sprint hasn't completely forgotten about you!

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10 thoughts on “Phoenix, Milwaukee, and other cities might get LTE sooner than we thought

  • | Sprint hasn’t completely forgotten about you!



    Guy who’s paid for 4g since day 1 and never used it

    PS: sorry gotta vent somewhere.

  • Hopefully this is all true

  • They should retroactively credit all subscribers who never got wimax 4g in their area. Anyone else agree?

  • Hells yea but they’d go broke XD

  • They can always ask for verizon to buy them out LOL

  • I hope they cover L.A. before 2013.

  • Avatar of Josh in Orlando

    Where’s the love for Orlando?

  • If you guys all get your wish, you would get $10/month refunds from Sprint, but there would no longer be a Sprint, because they would be bankrupt. You can then all go to Verizon and AT&T and be raped for service. You think they charge a lot now, wait until there is no Sprint to compete with.

    The “4G Fee” was always called a “Premium Data” fee. Other than some verbal references, there is nowhere it is called a 4G fee. Go back and read your bills. Your lawsuit is baseless and will go nowhere. Sprint honored the terms of its contracts with you. If Sprint and their $10 fee doesn’t meet your needs, you should go somewhere else. I would never hold that against you. You gotta do, what you gotta do.


  • I agree. I have a wi max 4 g phone( moto photon) and feel kind of misled


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