PlayBook update includes Android app improvements, other performance tweaks


The BlackBerry PlayBook may quickly approaching its end of life, but RIM still seems to be providing the tablet with plenty of updates. Although not as major as the 2.0 update, and certainly not BlackBerry 10, the latest PlayBook OTA update to version 2.0.1 includes a number of performance improvements, as well as one odd inclusion: better support for Android apps.

In case you don't remember, just a few days ago RIM announced that they would no longer be supporting sideloaded Android apps on the PlayBook, and that the next major update would remove that ability. However, that memo must not have gotten out to the 2.0.1 team in time, because Android app support and enhancements mad it into the latest build. 

Of course, this is really just an oddity, and hardly a problem, especially considering the numerous other enhancements included in the update. PlayBook OS will also offer better browser performance, BlackBerry Bridge applications, optimized Video chat, and several other improvements. It is also likely that the reason for the update is to support 3G and 4G enabled PlayBooks, but as they aren't out yet that cannot be confirmed.

Technically then, the original PlayBook is still RIM's flagship MID, but considering that new PlayBooks are coming soon and their really aren't many PlayBook users left, it would have been easy for RIM to leave the few remaining users out in the cold. So, while the update doesn't add any new features, it is good to see that RIM consistantly supports its products, even those that are soon to be obsolete.


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