Quasar for jailbroken iPad adds windowed mode for apps

One of the most common complaints about the iPad when it comes to multitasking abilities is that it runs apps in fullscreen only. You can’t just resize the window and bring up something else besides it, a feature many people find to be crucial. Well, if you have a jailbroken iPad, now you can. Quasar basically makes apps runs inside virtual iPads on your screen, complete with the status bar, ability to rotate and everything, and lets you open up several apps at once and actually see them on the same screen. Very useful for when you e.g. need to have a document open while you write something in another app, watch a video in one window and browse the web in another, and so on.

I bought the $10 app in Cydia and it works well, though has some bugs. This obviously isn’t the way the OS was written to work, so for being what it is it works beautifully. Jailbreaking an iPad means you get access to a handful of useful apps and a boatload of less useful ones, and this is definitely one for the former category. Well worth $10, and for some a reason to jailbreak in itself.

[The Verge]
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Andreas Ødegård

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