qwik-keyz wants to bring tactile “buttons” to the iPhone

The move from physical keyboards to touchscreens hasn’t been without some sacrifices, and while you get more screen to play with, I don’t think many people actually prefer typing on a touch screen. With the iPhone being an Apple product there are plenty of solutions out there to help this, including some nifty case solutions that I wish were available for my S II.

If you don’t want to slap a huge case on the iPhone to get a keyboard though, a new project on Kickstarter might be for you. qwik-keyz is essentially a bumpy screen protector, a thin plastic film that goes on the screen and has raised bumps for each key on a normal English iPhone keyboard. It will come in both portrait and landscape versions, is washable, and has a colored bit to help you align it perfectly. The idea is that people who type a lot can sacrifice a bit of screen clarity for a better typing experience, and I have to say I’m curious of what typing on something like that feels like. 

if you have an iPhone, it actually won’t cost you much to find out. Backing the project with $12 will get you one version of the qwik-keyz, which will sell for $15 if/when it hits normal retail. $10 extra opens the offer up to international customer, though this obviously requires the English keyboard be used if you want the bumps to match up. 

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