Samsung announces Exynos 4 Quad


Mere days before the offical unveiling of the Galaxy S III, Samsung has now gone out and officially announced the chip that will be in said phone. The announcement gives merit to the hands-on video from a week ago rather than yesterday's benchmark app result listing, as the new chip is a quad core 1.4Ghz ARM Cortex A9 built on 32nm architecture. Samsung says the new chip is twice as fast as the 45nm dual core Exynos while at the same time being 20% more power efficient due to being 32nm, and that doesn't even count in power saving caused by turning off some cores when not in use.

The press release also says that the new chip will make its debut in May in the next Galaxy phone, which is widely referred to as the S III (if they pull an Apple and call it "the next Galaxy" we're through). To be honest though, these chip announcements don't really excite me that much anymore. The 2012 line of flagship devices will always be fast enough for what they need to do, so I hope the S III announcement brings something more unique to the table. S Pen, dual microSDXC, HTC One X-like camera speeds, or just a screen that blows all the others out of the water – just something that shows the phone is new other than it being able to open Gmail 0.1 seconds faster than everything else.  

[Samsung via Android Central]
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  • why writing an article about the CPU if you don’t care about it :-)


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