Samsung Galaxy S III performance leaked on GLBenchmark


Amidst Galaxy S III trailer videos and countdown timers, Samsung erroneously published the phone's benchmarks today. They were posted on GLBenchmark earlier in the day and were subsequently removed. 

Luckily, PhoneArena managed to grab a screenshot of the numbers before they were taken off the site, and they are some good numbers. Before we get into those, though, let's talk about the chipset that the next Galaxy phone will be using. Allegedly, it's the quad-core Exynos 4412 chip clocked at 1.4GHz that comes with a Mali-400 GPU clocked at 400MHz. With the specs in mind, let's look at how they perform.

According to the benchmarks, the Exynos 4412/Mali-400 combination beats every chip on the market. The Snapdragon S4 was bested, as well as the Tegra 3; the iPhone 4S was beaten on most GPU tests, as well, and the Exynos even held up against the new iPad's quad-core graphics!

There's hardly anything to complain about here in terms of performance, but I'm not ready to give Samsung my money just yet. My only fear is that battery life will take a hit – but it's a small fear and I'm sure Samsung has taken enough time to develop a battery that can withstand the phone's hardware demands throughout an entire day.

Either way, there will definitely be extended batteries on sale when the phone is finally announced. It's probably worth it, too, since this is some serious power that isn't going to be easy to pass up – no matter what.

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