Samsung releases teaser video for Galaxy S III…or Mass Effect?

Normally Android devices don't get much press coverage before anyone even knows what the device really is, but the S III is definitely an exception. Samsung is trying to milk that for all it's worth, and yesterday it put up a website that counted down to today, and now just redirects to Youtube. Turns out that what it counted down to is just a teaser video, an unbelievably vague one at that, which – while funny – is basically not much to write home about. It shows some random galactic scenery, and then hints at the whole "Apple users are sheep" thing at the end. 

In fact, I wouldn't even have posted this if it wasn't for the music used in the video. When I started playing the video, I actually ended up pausing it as I thought I had accidentally hit the play button on my keyboard and started playing songs in Winamp. The reason is that the song that's used in the teaser video has been in my music library since I got it as part of the digital deluxe edition of the video game Mass Effect 2. The track is called "The Normandy Reborn", and if you jump 30 seconds into it, you can compare the two yourself. So, my question is, did Samsung license this track, or did it just commit copyright infringement? I checked the YouTube comments for the video as well as the official Mass Effect forums, and while I wasn't the only one who noticed where the music is from, no one has found an answer to the legitimacy of its use yet. I hope it's a legit companionship though, as that's my favorite track from the entire Mass Effect universe, and would be an epic fit to what will hopefully be an epic phone. It would also be ironic, considering how Mass Effect 3 has two companion apps available for it, both of which are iOS only. 

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