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Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger for HTC EVO 3D mini review

Seidio Multi-Function Battery ChargerOne of the most useful Seidio products I’ve used throughout the years has been their Multi Function Battery Chargers, which you still have a chance until Monday to win.

The Seidio Multi Function Charger for the HTC EVO 3D comes with everything you’ll need to charge an EVO 3D battery on its own, plus a USB cable if you want to charge the battery in your phone.

It’s lightweight and features retractable prongs for wall charging that can be folded up to allow for easy carrying in luggage or a pocket.

Should you have access to a USB power supply (friend’s laptop, USB car charger, etc.), you can also use the cable it comes with to charge a spare battery. While you’ll get a slower charge by using a laptop, sometime you have to charge with what you’ve got and not what you want.

The only things that prevent this from being the perfect little charging solution are that you cannot use a battery that’s in it to charge an external USB device, and the maximum output for the unit is 1000mAh. This means nothing if you’re just charging an HTC EVO 3D battery or phone, but can slow charging down considerably if you’re charging both at the same time.

The Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger retails for $29.95 from Seidio Online.

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