Skype for iPad updated to 4.0, still doesn’t address the major issues

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I get excited every time an app from my list of 10 apps that should be ashamed of themselves gets an update. 30 seconds later, I’m depressed when I discover that the biggest issues haven’t been addressed. This time it’s Skype who’s doing the teasing, with an update to 4.0 that in my opinion isn’t deserving a full leap in version number. You can now move the video preview window that shows your own video during video calls, the app will restart if it crashes, and some other minor changes have been made to address bugs, update the UI, and the normal incremental update thing.

My issue with Skype’s mobile offerings is that they are completely unaware of what you’ve done on other devices. I just started up Skype on my iPad to test the new update and it counted up several hundred unread messages from various contacts. Of course I’ve read all of those – on my computer. If I can’t use the app on multiple platforms without having to mark things as read on each then the app is useless to me, and with other IM services and apps not having this problem, the fact that Skype does is even more awkward.  Next time, Skype, focus on something a little bit more urgent than whether or not you can move a video preview window.


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