Splashtop releases Win8 Metro Testbed app for iPad

Ah Splashtop, we love you. The latest invention coming out of the people that gives us remote PC that actually works reliably is an app that specializes in making Windows 8 remotely controlled from an iPad. Splashtop has already been many people’s (including my) preferred way of testing out Windows 8, and with this new app, all the multitouch gestures and other Windows 8 tablet features work fully as well. You install Splashtop on your Windows 8 computer, install the Win8 Metro Testbed app on your iPad, connect the two, and…well the video sort of explains it all.

The app is aimed as a testing platform for Windows 8, hence the name. It allows both potential Windows 8 tablet buyers and software developers to try out Windows 8 on a tablet without having to wait for such a tablet to be produced, and without having to deal with a mouse. The app is priced at $25, which is even 50% off the intended price, which is indeed a sad move away from Splashtop proper’s $10 price point. While the optimization in this app is very nice, a 500% price increase is hard to justify. I have no doubt that it’s worth $25/$50 to those who end up using it a lot, but it’s not the kind of money you drop on an app just because you’re curious about Windows 8. You most certainly won’t see me touting this around, despite having a PC with Windows 8 consumer preview around here somewhere – it’s simply too expensive.

[iTunes via Engadget]

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