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Stock based kernel released for rooted HTC EVO 3D with new features

Kernel image by JimmyMac210Dodava has released a new kernel for the CDMA HTC EVO 3D based off of the latest HTC 2.17.651.5 stock kernel that maintains the latter's stability and reliability while adding in some nice root features.

Among these are Fast Charge capability, which as the name implies can charge your battery significantly faster than what is allowed by the stock kernel. Whether or not this will result in batteries exploding remains to be seen; however, several threads on other FC-capable kernels have reported very warm phones. You'll additionally probably need a program to turn on FC.

Two way call recording is also enabled, which should allow you to record phone calls using apps that support this. Keep in mind that although this is a cool little feature, depending on where you live and what you disclose to the other person, this could be illegal.

Additional support for the Ponury Gesture Mod (aka Slide to Wake) has been added, which allows you to wake your phone up by sliding your finger across the screen.

Although the kernel is listed as not supporting overclocking or undervolting in the initial post, it does list that it can now support 1.5GHz, which is 25% overclocking, and the developer mentions there will be work on different frequencies and undervolting in the near future.

If stock stability with a few extra things is what you're after, this may be the kernel for you.

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