Transformer Prime USB GPS dongle is freakishly huge

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When the story of the upcoming Transformer Prime USB GPS dongle aimed to fix the device’s GPS issues first leaked, talks of the dongle as “minimalistic” and “made to look like part of the Prime”. It appears that some people have differently definitions of some of these terms than my, as the pictures that have been released of the “dongle” tell the tale of an accessory that you won’t exactly forget is there.

The dongle also isn’t really USB, but instead uses the 40 pin connector on the Prime. This makes sense, and I was wondering how they thought releasing a USB dongle for a device whose only USB port is on the keyboard dock was a good idea. I’m having troubles deciding whether or not to make fun of Asus or not here: on the one hand the company is doing what it can to fix the issue, but on the other hand, the fix is…well it’s ridiculous. When you get to the point where you have to add that sort of a lump to a slim and light device in order to fix an issue with it, it’s time to look back and who was in charge of research and development and see if perhaps the rush to be the first Tegra 3 device didn’t lead to some bad decisions here and there.

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