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Sometimes it’s the simplest apps that makes me appreciate my tablet. Growing up if you wanted to know what was on TV you had to either find a printed TV guide, or check that channel that your cable company puts in with the scrolling guide. If you were unlucky and changed to the guide channel just after your set of channels you had to wait for it to scroll through all the rest of the channels plus the ads that got put in. Nowadays we can find whatever we want to know about what’s on TV on the internet. A quick search will take you to that shows web page and the times and channels that it is showing on will be listed right there. Oh how much easier it is now! But why spend the time searching the internet to see what’s on? Why not find an app that will only tell you the channels you have and be able to remind you when your favorite shows are coming on? That’s exactly what TV Listings for Android does.

TV Listings for Android is a free app that covers cable, satellite, and over-the-air channels anywhere in the US. They have over 13,000 channel listings available. Even though the app is made for smartphones, all the functionality is still there on tablets, albeit not as pretty as it could be. You are of course locked to portrait mode, and some of the tabs are overlapping, but the couple of graphical bugs don’t interfere with the usability of the app.

When you first install the app you are asked to input your TV provider, and then are given the option of filtering out any channels you don’t want to see in your listings. This is helpful as who really cares what’s on the shopping channels? This way you are only seeing the channels that you want to see. It also has built in filtering of movies and sports shows by using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on any program you can open up a detailed view of not only that episode, but also all the shows that are playing on that particular channel. Once you have the detailed view open you can click on an individual show to either add a reminder or share it with your friends. If you set it as a reminder you will get a notification on your tablet anywhere from three hours before the show starts right up until the actual start time.

That’s pretty much all the app does. I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle whenever possible, which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. This app keeps it simple, while also accomplishing everything that it should. If you want to give it a try, follow the link below to head on over to Google Play and install it on your tablet.

[TV Listings for Android]

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  • Thanks brain for sharing your views it has been some time that I have started using Android but I still don’t know all the features of it. So I don’t have much idea about new apps related to android. As you have mentioned about free apps for Android would definitely try to find it and use it as it is not common to find free apps for Android.


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