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Underworld Sense Kernel available for HTC EVO 4G

With how much popcorn I make, I really should get a picture of mine as opposed to using the stock popcorn photo, which isn't a kernel anymoreLooking for a new Sense kernel to try on your rooted HTC EVO 4G? The recently released Underworld Sense Kernel, based on HTC's stock kernel, was developed by ca1ne, and so far reports have been pretty positive on it.

Features include 10-point touch, boosted audio, reduced WiFi voltage for power savings, wireless-N enabled, HAVS, SBC and non-SBC charging versions, eight CPU governors, undervolting, and five schedulers.

Oh, did I mention  you can overclock it to 1.229GHz if you feel the need to push your phone? Yeah, you can do that.

It's still listed as a work in progress, but I've started believing that most development can be considered as such and those claiming it are just covering their behinds.

If you're in the market for a Sense kernel that straddles performance and battery life, give this one a try.

Make sure to make a Nandroid backup and wipe the dalvik and cache before flashing, and also make sure to only flash it on a Sense-based ROM or you will run into problems.

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8 thoughts on “Underworld Sense Kernel available for HTC EVO 4G

  • Avatar of HeadBlade911

    I am loving the sbc version. Running SOS X. Battery is tremendous. No lag what so ever. Great combination.

  • Avatar of 1bigbadwolf

    @headblade911 me too same set up are you over locked or under clock

  • Avatar of Idle Time

    Will it work with MikG Rom (the latest)?

  • I am just flashing this setup now. What settings are you using? I am aiming for UC at 768/245 I think and Smartassv2. What scheduler are you using?

  • Just for reference, I installed it on MikG 2.60 and it worked fine for a while… lost only 13% battery or so over 6-7 hours… then lost 40% in the next 1-2. Also heated up to over 110 degrees. Went back to Freedom until I can figure out what went wrong, there.

  • my htc evo 4g
    nitrous rom 1.4.4
    underworld v02 sbc kernel it still locks at 1190 and the bar goes to 1228 on set cpu… confused need help

  • TypePad HTML Email
    You cant overclock every EVO the same therere a lot of hardware versions, some have to be undervolted less to overclock more.

  • Oh ok Ty I’m running same Rom.but underworld sbc v03 once I pass 1190 I boot limit is 1267


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