Wacom announces Bamboo Stylus duo

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The Wacom Bamboo stylus is a great stylus, and the stylus I personally like the best – after I added magnets to it, anyways. It also seems to be a rather common stylus, and the stylus I’ve seen most people actually own and use “in the wild”. It’s therefore no surprise that Wacom is expanding the product line, renaming the first stylus the Bamboo Stylus solo and adding a new Bamboo Stylus duo. The new stylus looks almost identical to the old one, but this time the end of it is actually a protective cap that houses a normal pen. The cap fits on both ends of the stylus, so that you can easily store it while one end or the other is in use.

Despite this though, Wacom doesn’t seem to have gotten the idea to include two caps with the rather expensive $40 stylus, which would have allowed you to protect both ends. With one such stylus having ruptured on me already, the need for a protective cap isn’t lost on me at least, which is why I like the Architect stylus. At least the ink cartridges are replaceable, so you won’t have to shell out another $40 just because that end of it goes.

The stylus will start shipping on April 24th, and I’m sure this will sell as well as the first one despite the price. Even though both pressure sensitive styli and the iPen attacking the normal stylus market, the “old fashioned” capacities stylus still has a place in a tablet accessory bag. I won’t be upgrading mine though – the only paper in this house is located in a very different room from my tablets.


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