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WiFi Tether is back in Google Play … for now


If you've rooted your HTC EVO, but you haven't taken the time install a ROM that has tethering included – or you haven't unlocked the hotspot app yourself – then listen up: WiFi Tether for Root Users is back in the Google Play Store right now, although it's unclear how long it will last there. (In case you forgot, Sprint recently followed AT&T and Verizon's lead by removing all "illegal" tethering apps from Google Play - formerly the Android Market – last October.)

Qrc-wifitetherI should note that this is currently the beta version of the app, but that is fine; I've installed it and tested it myself, and it works flawlessly. The stable version still is blocked by Sprint, along with PDAnet, the paid version of EasyTether, and a few others. It seems like there are a couple miscellaneous tethering apps that haven't been blocked yet, but WiFi Tether is by far the best, and the most stable.

Since there's no telling how long this will last before Sprint catches on, go ahead and download it now. Of course, if it does get blocked, you can easily sideload it from here, but who wants to do that when Google Play makes it so easy?

Download: Google Play

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5 thoughts on “WiFi Tether is back in Google Play … for now

  • I wonder how long till Google turns over a list of all apps downloaded by Sprint customers to Sprint and they send out threatening letters or use it to early terminate people.

  • Downloading an app is not against the terms of agreement.

    Using it is, but they cant really prove it unless they see a significant spike in your data use.

  • I use pdanet and love it, but it also got pulled off the market. You can still download it to your computer which will push it to your phone.

  • Is this what they want, though? Less customers?

    I can see it as an issue if 1% of their customers use 90% of their LTE bandwidth.


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