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Quick rundown of fully-functional ICS ROMs for HTC EVO 3D

This needs to melt alreadyLess than a day after the leaked Virgin Mobile EVO 3D Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3/Sense 3.6 ROM was released, developers have pounded away on keyboards all night and released a few fully-functioning ICS ROMs for rooted HTC EVO 3Ds.

By fully functioning, I mean the 3D works, the camera can take 3D photos, the front facing camera works, the 4G/WiMax works, GPS works, Bluetooth works, and the phone boots and runs ICS/Sense 3.6. 

It's important to note, at the moment to use a fully-functioning ICS ROM you'll have to be S-OFF as you'll need to flash a new firmware base from Virgin Mobile's EVO 3D line first. Unfortunately, you cannot get around the S-OFF requirement yet, and it can be a scary process to achieve. You might just want to wait for Sprint to do an OTA later this month (if rumors are true). UPDATE: do not flash the firmware portion of the Virgin Mobile leak, it's not required, nor is S-OFF, and it may be impossible to ever get back to Sprint stock

I expect the list to grow exponentially over the weekend, but for starters here's what we have found produced in the last 16 hours for those wanting to try something new and fun(ctional).



I'll be adding more throughout the day, so if you've spotted one in the wild feel free to mention it in the thread and I'll get this list updated. Also anyone running any of these feel free to share your experiences as I'm stuck using my EVO 3D as a phone today and cannot test anything.

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