Accessory review: D3O flex protective cover for HTC One S


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about my experiences with the HTC One S for T-Mobile, but I’ve neglected one very important thing: accessories! Indeed, a good-looking, durable, protective case is oftentimes the first thing a person will look for after investing hundreds of dollars in a new smartphone, so I thought I’d take a closer look at what my local T-Mobile store had to offer.

The first case that caught my eye was the D3O flex protective cover for the One S. The manufacturer claims that this case is made of a “revolutionary substance that provides extreme impact protection. D3O’s intelligent molecules flow freely, then instantly lock together upon impact to absorb shock and disperse energy.” But is the case really all that it’s cracked up to be? Read on to find out.


When you open the magnetic cardboard cover (I didn’t expect there to be a magnet inside the cardboard!), you can find more information about how the case works.


The manufacturer claims that the case is “military grade” and provides “extreme impact protection.” Its signature trademark is the little orange stripes that you can see inside the case.


This all sounds very nice and high tech, but how well does the case perform in everyday use?

First of all, let me say that I do prefer this over a standard generic gel case. Those things are dust and lint magnets, and to me they just feel cheap. But this case is different: the flexible clear plastic somehow feels a bit more premium, and in my experience it didn’t collect any little pieces of debris from my pockets. It also feels much sturdier than regular gel cases, probably because it’s just not as floppy.


As you can see, the cut-outs are all in the right places, as well.




But having said all of this, I can’t really see myself using this case long-term. First of all, the plastic cover over the power button makes it almost impossible to push; I have to put way too much effort into turning the screen on and off. Pressing the volume buttons isn’t quite as difficult, but it still feels cumbersome.


Second, I’m not a huge fan of the signature orange stripe that goes around the whole cover. It doesn’t match the cool gradient blue color of the device, and just seems kind of tacky.

Finally, these “intelligent molecules” and “military grade” design just seem a little gimmicky to me, and as a somewhat savvy consumer, I don’t like gimmicks. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but for 25 bucks I’m sure I can find another case that suits me better, and that at least matches the color of the phone a bit more closely.

Of course, what doesn’t suit me might be perfect for someone else, so I’d highly recommend heading over to your local T-Mobile store to check one of these out in person.



The D3O flex protective cover for the HTC One S can be purchased at your local T-Mobile store for $24.99.

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4 thoughts on “Accessory review: D3O flex protective cover for HTC One S

  • You could have bought a 5 dollar TPU case instead.

  • Avatar of Mizah Nedir

    That unique orange protection technology does not fall short of your mobile’s technology and it is much more than being bauble.

  • I agree with your assessment. I don’t like gimmicks as well, and what the heck does ‘military grade’ mean anyway – the US military doesn’t have any specifications for mobile phone covers, so this is a very dubious claim. I won’t even bother with the ‘intelligent molecules’. Sure, its an OK case, but overpriced and more hype than innovation.

  • Not “gimmick”. I took the time to actually research what d3o was and the materials that go into this case and what is on the package is not a joke though would help people if they wrote more about it on the package. This stuff is incredible.

    Though in the case of the HTC One, you actually get a combined advantage because HTC also uses some very impressive technologically advanced materials in the construction of the phone itself which for some odd reason HTC doesn’t even bother to advertise at all but would be a huge selling point itself if people knew about it.


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