Accessory review: Seidio ACTIVE kickstand case for HTC One X


Seidio has really made a name for itself in manufacturing some of the highest-quality smartphone cases around that fit into a variety of different lifestyles. Over at Good and EVO, I’ve used Seidio cases to protect my original HTC EVO 4G, my EVO 3D, and now my pre-release EVO 4G LTE, and I’ve been pleased the entire time. So when I recently got the chance to check out the Seidio ACTIVE kickstand case for the HTC One X, I couldn’t have been happier.

Of course, many would argue that the One X is a work of art all by itself, and no one should cover it up with a bulky case. And while I might tend to agree with that (the white One X is especially stylish), some people who wear blue jeans a lot might not. Admittedly, after spending $200 for a phone that most people will carry around with them for two years, a protective case is certainly a worthwhile investment.

So how does this latest iteration of the Seidio ACTIVE case stack up, and is it right for you? Read on to find out!


The complete Seidio ACTIVE package is actually two packages: one that contains a two-part case, and a second that contains the belt holster.



The soft silicone wrapper can actually be used as a case all by itself, if desired: it actually stays on the phone just fine without the plastic skeleton that provides a kickstand and added corner stability. However, as with most gel cases, it seems to be quite a dust and hair magnet, so if you choose to use it by itself, you might find yourself cleaning it a lot more than you anticipated.


Even though this is a perfectly fine gel case by itself, the hard plastic skeleton is what really makes the Seidio ACTIVE case so special. As you can see in the image below, the gel is formed so that the plastic skeleton can firmly grip this inner case on the sides and corners, adding stability and an extra layer of protection that shields your phone from extreme bumps and shocks, especially in some of your phone’s more vulnerable spots.


The hard plastic skeleton snaps on easily and definitely stays in place the entire time you’re using the case; however, it’s also relatively easy to take off if you need to.


So, this is what your phone will look like once both parts of this case are fully assembled and on your device. Honestly, even though it covers up the sleek white design of the One X, this case just feels well-made and of a higher quality than many of the competitors. It also adds minimal bulk to the phone, while seemingly providing quite a bit of protection: Seidio claims it only adds 2.2mm of thickness to the device. Additionally, I like the fact that the back camera is now recessed a bit, which should protect it somewhat when setting the phone face up on a table.




As is to be expected, all buttons and ports remains accessible while the case is in use; although the volume and power buttons are covered up, you can still use them. However, I did notice that it was somewhat difficult to tell when I was actually pressing the volume keys, as the gel that covered them seemed a bit too thick. This isn’t a major complaint, but a minor oversight that could have been corrected with just a slightly better design. On the other hand, the power button is extremely easy to press.

As a nice added touch, Seidio also included cut-outs for the rear speaker grill and the microphone on the bottom of the device.

Seidio-active-one-x-10However, the metal, magnetic kickstand is where this case really shines. It allows you to use the phone in landscape mode for easy viewing of photos, movies, or other media, and its construction seems very sturdy. It’s relatively easy to pop out, and then to pop it back in, and my only complaint is that it doesn’t support the phone in portrait mode.

I have to admit that my individual unit did seem just a little loose in the hinge, but that’s not necessarily a defect. Upon closer examination, I doubt that this will have any effect on its durability long-term. And in any case, it’s light years ahead of Seidio’s previous plastic kickstands.

Finally, let’s talk about the holster: it is sturdy, clips on easily to one’s belt, and in general gets the job done. I should also note that the phone faces inward during use, which protects the screen, although it’s really easy to quickly remove the phone if you get a phone call or text.

I don’t ever use holsters myself, so I’m not sure what else to say about it, but it’s nice that Seidio provides this as an optional addition to the Seidio ACTIVE package.



In conclusion, I’m very pleased with the design, quality, and overall value that the Seidio ACTIVE case for the HTC One X provides. It provides the protection your phone needs while adding minimal bulk, and I can definitely see myself using this case long-term.

The Seidio ACTIVE case for the HTC One X can be purchased directly from Seidio for $34.95. The optional holster can be purchased for $29.95, or you can buy both in a combo package for $54.95.

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