Aeris Rail case adds accessory rails to your iPhone

The first thing that pops into my head when I look at the Airis Rail case is Picatinny rails for guns. The concept is very similar: add rails that you can stick accessories on. The case itself is a two part case that consists of an inner "mounting ring" and an outer bumper type case that's made of either aluminum, or in the case of an upcoming Kickstarter-funded Rail+ case, plastic. The bumpers have rails on the outside that both serve an aesthetic function and provides a platform for accessories to mount to. 

These accessories come in different flavors, including a kickstand, screen protector, handlebar mount, and back cover. There are also promises of future accessories like external battery add-ons and car/desktop docks, as the basic rail system is designed to be modular. 

I like the concept, as even though modular case systems are old news, most of them uses attachment systems more complicated and obvious than this one. On the other hand though, that mountain bike mount is not something I would ever use, knowing how perfectly shock transfers into anything that is mounted so rigidly to the handlebar. 

The aluminimum Rail case is available for $73 from the company's website, while the oddly named plastic Rail+ case can be had through the Kickstarter project for $26 – assuming the project succeeds. The accessories will be available for pre-order in April, the site says, which I thought we passed two weeks ago…

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One thought on “Aeris Rail case adds accessory rails to your iPhone

  • This is an excellent idea. Adding or removing accessories to the case, as needed, is fantastic. I can’t wait to see the released product/s. I think they’ll easily get the necessary funding.


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