Apple to move to 4-inch display for next iPhone?


For the past year, we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple’s next iPhone will have a larger display, most likely in the vicinity of 4-inches. You probably already know my thoughts on this; one of the (many) reasons I left my iPhone 4S for a Galaxy Nexus was because of the 3.5-inch screen that the iPhone has had since 2007.

But now, the Wall Street Journal is confirming that Apple’s beginning to order larger screens from its suppliers and that production of this larger iPhone will begin next month. Like I said at the beginning of this post, the new screen will be of the 4-inch variety – not as big as some other new handsets, but certainly an upgrade nonetheless.

The sources said that these new screens are being manufactured by LG, Sharp, and Japan Display, Inc., but didn’t give any details on which display technology will be used or what the new resolution will be. For the answers, it looks like we’ll have to wait until October when the new iPhone is rumored to be released.

If Apple increases the size of the iPhone’s display, will you purchase one? I doubt I’ll have any reason to – and it’s not just because I recently purchased a Galaxy Nexus: iOS needs a major overhaul, as well. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is less than a month away, so hopefully we’ll find out then how Apple’s planning to make iOS even more competitive.

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4 thoughts on “Apple to move to 4-inch display for next iPhone?

  • It will have a 4inch screen with 3:2 aspect ratio and 1152×768 pixels of resolution.
    And it will have roughly the same sized footprint as the Meizu MX phone (a 4 incher with the same aspect ratio).

  • Calob,
    I am curious. How did you decide that the Galaxy Nexus was for you with all of the other great phones coming out now? I had pretty much decided on the Galaxy Nexus myself but am holding off a little bit while I decide and wait for what comes next like if the Note comes out for Sprint or if the iPhone 5 is compelling enough to get me back.
    The phone that intrigues me the most at the moment is the (now customs delayed) HTC Evo 4G LTE. Mainly because of the MicroSDHC slot and the awesome camera. I used to use an iPhone 4 but now am using a Nexus S 4G. I am mostly happy with the Nexus S, but the 1080 P video and stills capture while video taping capability of the newer phones is calling my name.
    Even though the new Evo and the Samsung Galaxy S3 look interesting to me, I do worry about not getting the next Android version or the one after that and what I may miss or wish I could miss with the extra stuff that HTC or Samsung put on their non-nexus phones. Plus, I do like a removable battery.
    One last thing concerns me about the Galaxy Nexus and that is that you can’t do USB storage mode. I like to plug in my current Nexus S to my car, but if the new one is MTP only like my old iPhone, that will not work, maybe not even for charging. Have you found this to be the case?
    Also related to that is my worry that I will not be able to load things onto the Galaxy Nexus like files for my dosbox-based emulator. How does that work on this device.


  • My choice was simple: Galaxy Nexus because it has stock ICS and guaranteed updates. I don’t want to mess around with custom ROMs to get a stock Android experience. Plus, at $400 unlocked, it was hard not to go with it.

    As for your questions, I’ve honestly not had enough time to play around with it and customize it to the point I’d like, so I don’t have enough to say about them. If I get around do trying out those things, I’ll let you know. :-)


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